Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition in Sydney is an acquired skill that involves both experience and expertise. Anyone can swing a sledge hammer, however demolition is much more than that tho MLT1.

Structurally Sound

MLT1 have a very good understanding of how Sydney buildings are constructed. They work closely alongside builders and engineers to make sure that structural integrity is maintained at all times and liaise with the relevant authority when jeopardising scenarios arise.

Heritage experience

Working in Commercial Demolition in Sydney, you are sure to encounter heritage listed projects. Understanding what can and can’t be demolished is paramount for the outcome of the project as it is not always obvious. We have encountered multiple scenarios where even things like screwing into structural beams is not permitted due to heritage restrictions, so understanding these limitations is and important role for MLT1.

Commercial Deconstruction

At MLT1, we prefer to look at demolition as deconstruction. Deconstruction implies a level of care and thinking, taking into account variables like; other trades, neighbouring businesses, hazardous substances, dust, noise, etc.
At MLT1, we strive to exhibit care and diligence with the task at hand and we work tirelessly to deliver a product that’s in the best interest of everyone that’s both directly and indirectly involved.

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